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On February 24, 2022, Russian armed  forces attacked Ukraine because its people wanted to become part of the European Union.
Women, children and elderly were forced to flee, while men stayed behind to defend the country from Vladimir Putin’s imperial ambitions. Thousands of scared people had to travel through all the Ukraine🇺🇦, then spend  hours and even days in long lines to cross the border
The stress is taking a heavy toll on their physical and mental state, which may lead to PTSD and other mental disorders. has experience of working with refugees and integration of foreigners. We have developed a special project that helps refugees feel safe at an early stage, calm down after a long and difficult journey, It will reduce negative impact on mental health.

Our volunteers also help to coordinate and send refugees to Finland🇫🇮 and other countries on free buses. This will also help refugees to avoid scammers.

How does it work?

   1. Our volunteers are already at the Ukrainian-Polish border and have been working there since 2.3.2022. Volunteers come to the border of Poland, pick up refugees. Also, refugees or their relatives can send a geolocation, and then they will be picked up.
   2. We feed travelers, let them rest for one night in a normal environment in a rented apartment. It is very important to give them a chance to catch a breath and relax after such a long journey. .
   3. Together with refugees, we find out where they want to go next and help them get to an airport, a train station, or catch a bus with other refugees.  If we see that the situation is tough - we can also pay an air fare to Finland or other country where they might have relatives.
   4.  If Refugees choose to get to Finland🇫🇮, Finnish volunteers are already waiting  to help them to apply for asylum, help with housing and other issues.

Costs for our activity belong : rent for vans and lodging; purchase of petrol, food, air or train tickets for certain vulnerable persons.

Support us and together we can help the people of Ukraine🇺🇦!

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